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Your DJ of the week is! 23. October 2017

MR Fox! With 25 VOTES! Well done thanks to everyone who voted! Do not forget you can vote for a new DJ of the week. Voting runs Monday-Sunday who will take the top spot next week the choice is up to you! Happy voting.

ETR Weekly Convoys 15. October 2017

ETR are holding a halloween special convoy all details click >>> Here

Support Us On Patreon 1. August 2017

Do you need to advertise and get noticed? Do you want to advertise on a platform that will help get you noticed? Well here at Eurotruckradio. We would love to help you grow as a VTC or anything that you need to get noticed. We have hundreds of daily listeners and website views. Why not let us advertise for you? From as little as $3 per month! You can get noticed with our advertising platform! Just visit the link below and we will contact you with what you need advertising we will do the rest! click Here

ETR Merchandise 29. July 2017

Love Eurotruckradio want something extra special well now you can get Eurotruckradio merchandise with added 20% OFF why not grab an Eurotruckradio mug for them breakfast shows with Ajax or why not grab an Eurotruckradio Sun Hat! For them hot sunny days! Watch this space as we add more merchandise in the weeks and days ahead! Check out the full Eurotruckradio store click Here

Join Our Discord! 29. June 2017

So your bored? Want to join the Eurotruckradio community? You can join our discord server and chat to other listeners just like you. Just click Here See you soon!



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DJ Nutter taking you into midday with feel good tunes

Mannix 21:00 - 22:30

DJ Mannix Plays The Greatest Hits

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