About EuroTruckRadio

Firstly, Hello and welcome to Euro Truck Radio from Ajax & TruckerTom, EuroTruckRadio admins. Thank you for visiting our community radio.

So we begin, EuroTruckRadio was opened by Ajax on the 18th of December 2016. TruckerTom was 2nd to join the team on the 4th of February 2017. At this point it clearly was only a two man team. With no constant following, no licences, and a half working website. We quickly opened recruitment for Deejay’s. We had a couple of people join, one of which is still with us to this date. Next we recruited TheUnknownNo website developer and website host to make us a brand new website and operating backend. The new website was released around april time. At this point we had a little larger following and had applied to be added into SCS’s Euro Truck Simulator & American Truck Simulator, afterall that's what the radio is all about. We were added in to SCS’s games and the following became bigger. At this point we gained full licensing under PPL & PRS.

We wanted to create a radio for truckers everywhere you could listen to ETR in your truck cab when in-game. So if you're travelling from the hills of Scotland to the port of Dover you can be sure to enjoy your journey with great music from ETR along your travels. We bring you all the latest updates around the clock with traffic and travel from Truckersmp.

Eurotruckradio is run by a dedicated team of over 20 DJs, two Admins and our one Web developer. They all donate their time to help grow the radio station. And what’s more is they are all volunteers, without our amazing team we simply would not have a station so thank you!

Here at EuroTruckRadio we strive to be the best we can be by bringing you guys the very best music every day! We strive to create the best online radio station that can blow your ears away! We love what we do and we are always looking for ways to always improve let us know how to! Get in touch via Facebook or via the Contact page.

About The Radio

The radio is the main part of our ever growing community and without it… well.. We would be rather lost. The radio itself is hosted on a dedicated server in the depths of France although we are able to reach every corner of the globe. We love what we do so we have spent time and money in creating a stable server for the radio to be broadcast on. We are always updating the music on the server for when our Auto DJ is live.

Auto has the ability to choose any track from our huge 4000 song plus library of tracks from classics to just released songs. We have the ability to stream live shows at a great cd quality of 128kps! What’s more Eurotruckradio is fully licensed to play music under PPL & PRS. As we mention above the radio is run by a group of dedicated and amateur volunteers who range in age, skill and taste in music. Every DJ is different and we have a range of different genre of shows purley for your listening pleasure, although, be sure to send a request to get your song played live on air!

What's all this cost?

Well the cost is kind off not important to us as we love what we do. But unfortunately it does come with a price tag of around £49 GBP per month. But we have set up a way that you lovely people could help us to stay on air and help fund. Eurotruckradio along the way by simply donating will enable us to secure a future right here forever.